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Planning for your photography session is an important step in creating custom artwork for your home.  We'll begin by outlining what your session goals are, and how you ultimately want to showcase your artwork. 

What to wear

deciding what to wear for your portrait session can be stressful, but you don't have to let it overwhelm you.  Coordinate colors between family members, though you don't have to be "matchy-matchy."  Different colors are fine, as long as they harmonize with one another.  Solids are great, but don't be afraid to add texture.  Accessories are your friend, and help to tie individuals to each other within a color scheme (plus, who doesn't love some great accessories?).  Beware excess or loud patterns in large groups, one person in polka dots and another in plaid can easily distract from faces.  Some pattern is ok, but limit it to just one or two family members, or kids.  Watch out for cartoon characters, or words on shirts.  It's better to read the story of your family than a message on a t-shirt.  Think timeless- this photograph will be on your wall for years to come.  Wether this is a casual or formal portrait, choosing classic and simple clothing will help your family portrait stand the test of time.

Making the most of your session 

When small children are involved, let's face it- they're the boss.  Choose a time of day that your child is the happiest and most cooperative.  We are, after all, going to be asking a lot of them. That being said, if we are looking at an outdoor session, there are some times of day that the light is at it's best, and if at all possible, we aim for that time of day.  Prioritize your session so we can photograph the most important parts first, and then move on to any extras.  Once your child's window of opportunity closes, well... you know.  Treat taking your child to their photography session as something fun to do, let them know we're going to have a good time.  And AVOID BRIBERY!  In most cases, children will become more focused on the reward than what they need to do to get it, and it just becomes a stressful situation for everyone involved.  Let them know they will have fun during their session, and let the experience be it's own reward.  Lastly.... and I have to say it... stop telling them to say CHEESE or SMILE... you know what your child's "cheese face" looks like, and I'll bet its more of a grimmace than a genuine smile.  Sometimes, serious is ok.  I'd rather take a serious picture than a fake smile any day.

Order Appointment 

We'll schedule your order appointment 1-2 weeks after your session.  You will see a selection of images from your session that have been selected and edited, and prepared for viewing.  We highly encourage having a babysitter for this appointment, as you will be making important descisions for your home. This will be your time to place your order and ask any questions, so please bring all descision makers.

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