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You put so much care into the details and planning of your wedding day.  Celebrate all of that joy you have with the unique portrait products and services we have to offer.   From custom album designs to gift books for your bridesmaids, and personalized guestbooks made from your engagement session images, you can let us truly personalize your wedding memories. 

I love to meet with my brides & grooms on several occasions throughout the photography process.  This really helps me get to know you before your wedding day & makes for a more fun and comfortable atmosphere during your photography!  Here's a breakdown of each session and what we'll do.

The Consultation

Wow! we get to meet for the first time.  We'll discuss your photography needs, package options, and what types of products & services that will help you really personalize your photography experience. 

Engagement session

Every wedding package comes with a complimentary engagement session.  This is where I get to learn how you as a couple interact together in front of a camera.  We can go to your favorite location, where you met for the first time, the place where he proposed, or find another location to create a fun, romantic, or whimsical engagement portrait.  Our favorite image will be on cards for your guests, and the session images can also be used in your sign-in book, save-the-dates, and various other ways you can incorporate them into your wedding.


we'll meet and choose the favorites from your engagement session, maybe have a scone, start talking about your wedding timeline, and arranging the photography schedule.

Portrait planning session

This is the last time we'll see each other before your wedding, and it's probably the most important meeting we'll have!  By now, we'll have the exact start times coordinated with your hair & makeup, flower delivery, ect.  Here, we'll nail down our formal shot list, and when specific photography sessions will take place throughout your wedding day so that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Your wedding day!

It's finally here, and all the planning you've done will come together now.  We've met at least 4 or 5 times by now,  have all of our lists & timelines in place.  Everything should be golden!

​​Album planning session

when your wedding day is through, it will have gone by so fast, it'll probably be a blur.  Luckily, we've documented and preserved your day through photography that you will have to pass on to your children and grandchildren.  Let's create an album that you will cherish for years to come.  At your album planning session, we'll choose your favorite images, and talk about what type of style and design you want to incorporate into your album, so we can create for you a truly custom heirloom wedding book.

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